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Formed in 1983, the band has experienced more than its fair share of highs, with the occasional lows along the way. From the outset, it was conducted by Gordon Evans, who was the first full-time instrumental instructor to be appointed in the area. He worked to establish a band with a wonderful reputation for producing and developing young talent, talent which would habitually leave Campbeltown in search of further education or employment.


This would open the door to another batch of youngsters, and so the “conveyer belt” continued. In April 2003, however, Gordon left Campbeltown and there was some concern as to how the band, and indeed the young musicians, would fare.


For a short period, Rob Farmer (formerly flugel player of Wingates Band) took over the reigns as instructor and conductor. Then in 2004, a brass quintet from the RSNO came to Campbeltown to work with the band, which led to a new chapter in its history. One of the musicians of the ensemble was tuba player and conductor, Craig Anderson. He quickly developed a rapport with Campbeltown Brass, and was subsequently appointed Musical Director. Under Craig’s leadership, the band has enjoyed undoubtedly the most successful period in its existence.  His enthusiasm, energy and ambition have raised the bar with regards to the band’s playing; this has since been reflected in contest results over the past few years. In addition to success at solo and quintet level, Campbeltown Brass has enjoyed numerous victories in band competitions around the country. The culmination of this form is surely the consecutive victories at the Scottish Regional Championships in the 3rd and 2nd sections (2007 and 2008 respectively), as well as winning the Scottish Challenge Cup.


To assist Craig, there are other individuals who have put in countless hours preparing the band with the week-in, week-out rehearsals it has needed to prosper. Long-serving player Katrina Barr is one such person, whether standing in front of the band, playing or dealing with some of its much-needed background organisation.  Another is a founding member of Campbeltown Brass all those years ago, Jamie McVicar.  Jamie was the Musical Director until the end of 2012 and led the band to many successes.

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