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Besson Solo & Ensemble Championships

Saturday 2nd February 2019




Junior Ensemble

Campbeltown Brass A, Gold, 1st

Campbeltown Brass C, Gold, 2nd

Campbeltown Brass B, Silver, 3rd


Junior Solos

Andrew Colville, Gold, 2nd

Jamie Colville, Gold, 3rd

Hannah McCaig, Bronze


Intermediate Ensemble

Campbeltown Brass A, Gold, 2nd


Intermediate Solos

Amy Paterson, Gold, 1st

Andrew McMillan, Gold

Kyle Paterson, Bronze


Youth Ensemble

Campbeltown Brass Quartet, 1st


Mid-Argyll Music Festival 

22 - 23 March 2019





Class 65a Brass Solo (Beginners)

Carla Renton & Michael West, 3rd


Class 65b Brass Solo (Primary)

Charlie Colville, 1st

Mae Barr & Grace McTaggart, 2nd

Kirstie Renton & Sean West, 3rd


Class 72 Instrumental Ensemble (Primary)

Campbeltown Brass A, 1st

Campbeltown Brass B, 2nd


Class 70 Instrumental Duet (Secondary)

Jack & Rona Campbell, 1st

Andrew & Jamie Colville, 2nd

Andrew McMillan & Caius Walker, 3rd


Class 69 Instrumental Duet (Primary)

Cara McFadzean & Annie Watson, 1st


Class 66 Brass Solo (Secondary 1 - 3)

Jamie Colville, 1st

Rona Campbell, 2nd

Kyle Paterson & Andrew Colville, 3rd


Class 67 Brass Solo (Secondary 4 - 6)

Amy Paterson, 1st

Andrew McMillan, 2nd


Class 73 Instrumental Ensemble (Secondary 1 - 3)

Campbeltown Brass B, 1st

Campbeltown Brass A, 2nd


Class 74 Instrumental Ensemble (Secondary 4 - 6)

Campbeltown Brass, 2nd


Class 75 Instrumental Ensemble (Open)

Campbeltown Brass, 1st


Class 77 Junior Bands

Campbeltown Brass Juniors, Winners


Class 78 Senior Bands

Campbeltown Brass Intermediate, Winners


Class 79 Open Bands

Campbeltown Brass, Winners


Jamie Colville - Recipient of the Co-operative Membership Cup for the highest mark in Solo Brass.


Campbeltown Brass - received the Gifford Bowl for the highest mark gained by a Choir or Band.


Music from the Movies

18th April 2019

Community Centre, Campbeltown

Oban Music Festival

Saturday 4th May 2019



Elementary Class

Carla Renton, 1st


Primary Class

Charlie Colville, 1st

Cara McFadzean, 2nd

James Barr, 3rd

Ben Cunningham, 4th


Primary Ensemble - Winners


Intermediate Solo

Rona Campbell,1st

Kyle Paterson, 2nd

Drew Cunningham, 3rd

Jamie Colville, 4th


Senior Solo

Amy Paterson, 1st


Secondary Ensemble - Winners


Community Engagements 

23 May & 26 May 2019

Campbeltown Malts Festival and MOK Run


Kintyre Music Festival 

10 - 15 June 2019



Elementary Brass Solo

Carla Renton, Winner

Eva Morbey, 3rd


Primary Duets

Kirstie Renton and Grace McTaggart, Winners

Cara McFadzean and Annie Watson (woodwind), 2nd

Sean West and Charlie Colville, Cara McFadzean and Annie Watson (Brass), Joint 3rd


Primary Brass Solo

Cara McFadzean, Winner

Sean West, 2nd

Kirstie Renton, 3rd


Primary Ensembles

Campbeltown Brass A, Winners

Campbeltown Brass C, 2nd

Campbeltown Brass, 3rd


Secondary Brass Solo (S1)

Hannah McCaig, Winner

Liam Bennie, 2nd

Emma Cook, 3rd


Secondary Brass Solo (S2 & 3)

Emily Bennie, Winner

Kyle Paterson, 2nd

Drew Cunningham and Jamie Colville, Joint 3rd


Secondary Bras Solo (S4,5 & 6)

Amy Paterson, Winner

Erin McLellan, 2nd

Andrew McMillan, 3rd

Caius Walker, 4th


Senior Duet class

Rona and Jack Campbell, Winners

Andrew McMillan and Caius Walker, 2nd


Senior ensemble class

Campbeltown Brass B, Winners

Campbeltown Brass A, 2nd

Campbeltown Brass C, 3rd



Junior band

Campbeltown Brass Beginners, Winners

Senior Band Class

Campbeltown Brass Intermediate, Winners




21st - 27th July



A total of 15 band members attended the NYBBS Summer course this year. We couldn't be more proud of them all and congratulations to all the Principal players!


Congratulations also to Caius Walker on his promotion to Senior band, Annie Watson whose section won the Best section award in the Children's band and to our former band member Gavin Johnson for receiving the Tom McCrone Trophy for best bass player at NYBBS summer course 2019.

Senior Band

Horn - Amy Paterson

Soprano - Hannah Oman


Reserve Band

Trombone - Caius Walker

Euphonium - Emily Bennie


Children's Band

Flugel - Rona Campbell

Horn - Liam Bennie

Trombone - Jamie Colville

Bass - Andrew Colville


Well done also to Andrew McMillan, Senior band solo horn and Mae Barr and Jack Campbell Children's band on solo horn.


Congratulations to our former players Owen and Gavin, Principal Bass Trombone and Eb Bass respectively. Last but not least we also have Annie Watson (2nd baritone), Cara McFadzean (flugel), Kirsty Renton (2nd cornet), Ali Cupples (Euph)


Agricultural Show

2nd August 2019


Fantastic morning at the Kintyre Agricultural show. Thank you all the players for putting on a great performance.

Leavers Concert

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Dunaverty Village Hall, Southend


It was a full house! Thank you, everyone, for coming to our Leavers Concert and supporting the band. The evening was both joyous and emotional, as 5 of our band members said their farewell by giving us a moving rendition of My Way. The Senior Band kicked off the concert by showcasing their programme for Troon, followed by some capable playing by our new beginners who only started a few weeks ago. Finally performances by an ever-increasing Junior Band! We wish to thank the Dunaverty Village Hall Committee for all their help and support. The evening raised over £500 for the band, which would not have been possible without such a supportive audience.


The West of Scotland Entertainment Contest

Saturday 31st August 2019, Troon


It was another epic journey this time to Troon and back! Despite the rough early morning crossing on the ferry, with half the band suffering from seasickness, it was straight off the ferry and on to the stage. The band produced an excellent performance especially our Principal horn Amy Paterson. Not only did the band win the Best First Section but they also came second overall.


It's the end of an era for Hannah Oman, Suen Yee Walker, Rebecca Semple and Amy Paterson! Having been in the band for over a decade, they will soon be leaving us to further their studies. We also said farewell to Ali Cupples, who is heading down South to continue his studies. We wish them all the best for the future.

West of Scotland Solo & Ensemble Competition

26th October 2019




Junior Solo

Charlie Colville, Gold, 2nd

Hannah McCaig, Gold, 3rd

Carla McFadzean, Silver

Flint-Phoenix Barrett, Silver

Gemma McCaig, Silver

Gregor Craig, Silver

James Barr, Silver

Kirstie Renton, Silver


Junior Ensemble

Campbeltown Brass B, Gold, 1st

Campbeltown Brass A, Silver, 2nd

Campbeltown Brass C, Silver, 3rd


Intermediate Solo

Kyle Paterson, Gold, 1st

Jack Campbell, Gold, 3rd

Andrew McMillan, Gold, 4th

Drew Cunningham, Gold

Jamie Colville, Gold

Rona Campbell, Gold

Beth MacPherson, Silver

Emily Bennie, Silver

Lian Bennie, Silver


Intermediate Ensemble

Campbeltown Brass A, Gold, 1st

Campbeltown Brass B, Gold, 2nd

Campbeltown Brass C, Silver, 3rd


Scottish Youth Championships

Sunday 24th November 2019

Perth Concert Hall

Congratulations to Campbeltown Brass Intermediate, winners of the Development Section at the Scottish Youth Championships, with Campbeltown Brass Juniors Runners-up in the Preparatory Section.



Christmas Concert

18th December 2019


Thank you everyone for coming along and supporting the band. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  


Merry Christmas! 

Thank you to all band members who have given up their time in this busy period to bring some festive cheer! Thanks to Tesco and Co-op for allowing us to use their premises. On behalf of Campbeltown Brass, thank you, everyone, for all your support throughout the year. To all band members: thank you for all your hard work and helping to make the band what it is.


We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the staff at TSB Campbeltown – Andrew, Grace, Jenny and Louise for their fundraising efforts throughout the year. As part of the TSB Local Charity Partnerships programme, Campbeltown Brass was nominated and chosen by the public as their local cause. From bake sales to hampers, the staff managed to raise £594.39 for the Band! We wish to thank customers of TSB for their generosity and the staff for all their hard work. It is amazing how this small community, without fail, always support us and many other charities in town.


Finally, a group of band members volunteered to play carols for the staff and patients at Campbeltown Hospital this morning. It is always nice to remember that there are those who have to spend their Christmas in hospital and there are lots of nurses, doctors, hospital staff and emergency service staff who will be spending the day looking after others.


Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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