kintyre music festival

4th - 9th June 2018


Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone who took part. Special thanks to Kevin McMillan, David Cosgrove, David McEwan and Suen Yee Walker for playing the piano accompaniments. It is a huge amount of work and very much appreciated by the Band.


Primary Solo - Beginners Class

Kaila Mclean, 1st

Sophie Galbraith, Brooke Coffield, Gregor Craig, 2nd

Taylor McMillan, Skye Lavery, 3rd

Primary Solo

Hannah McCaig, 1st

Mae Barr, Grace McTaggart, Sean West, 2nd

Cara McFadzean, Charlie Colville, 3rd

Primary Duet

Mae Barr & Elyce Walker, 1st

Charlie Colville & Sean West, 2nd

Kirstie Renton & Grace McTaggart, 3rd

Primary Ensembles

Campbeltown Brass Z, 1st

Campbeltown Brass Y, 2nd

Campbeltown Brass X, 3rd

Secondary Solo - S1

Jamie Colville, 1st

Andrew Colville, Jack Campbell, Rona Campbell, 2nd

Secondary Solo - S2 & S3

Kyle Paterson, 1st

Andrew McMillan, 2nd

Beth MacPherson, Emily Bennie, Drew Cunningham, 3rd

Secondary Solo - S4, S5 & S6

Amy Paterson, 1st

Erin McLellan, 2nd

Secondary Duet Class

Jack & Rona Campbell, 1st

Andrew McMillan & Caius Walker, 2nd

Kyle Paterson & Scott Oman, Jamie & Andrew Colville, joint 3rd

Ensemble Class

'The Girls', Winners

Junior Bands

Campbeltown Brass Juniors, 92

Senior Bands

Campbeltown Brass, 94