Kintyre Music Festival

10 - 15 June 2019


Elementary Brass Solo Carla Renton, Winner Eva Morbey, 3rd

Primary Duets

Kirstie Renton and Grace McTaggart, Winners Cara McFadzean and Annie Watson (woodwind), 2nd Sean West and Charlie Colville, Cara McFadzean and Annie Watson (Brass), Joint 3rd

Primary Brass Solo Cara McFadzean, Winner Sean West, 2nd Kirstie Renton, 3rd

Primary Ensembles Campbeltown Brass A, Winners Campbeltown Brass C, 2nd Campbeltown Brass , 3rd

Secondary Brass Solo (S1) Hannah McCaig, Winner Liam Bennie, 2nd Emma Cook, 3rd

Secondary Brass Solo (S2 & 3) Emily Bennie, Winner Kyle Paterson, 2nd Drew Cunningham and Jamie Colville, Joint 3rd

Secondary Bras Solo (S4,5 & 6) Amy Paterson, Winner Erin McLellan, 2nd Andrew McMillan, 3rd Caius Walker, 4th

Senior Duet class

Rona and Jack Campbell, Winners Andrew McMillan and Caius Walker, 2nd

Senior ensemble class Campbeltown Brass B, Winners Campbeltown Brass A, 2nd Campbeltown Brass C, 3rd


Junior band - Campbeltown Brass Beginners, Winners

Senior Band Class - Campbeltown Brass Intermediate, Winners