Mid Argyll music festival

22 - 23 March 2019



Class 65a Brass Solo (Beginners)

Carla Renton & Michael West, 3rd

Class 65b Brass Solo (Primary)

Charlie Colville, 1st

Mae Barr & Grace McTaggart, 2nd

Kirstie Renton & Sean West, 3rd

Class 72 Instrumental Ensemble (Primary)

Campbeltown Brass A, 1st

Campbeltown Brass B, 2nd

Class 70 Instrumental Duet (Secondary)

Jack & Rona Campbell, 1st

Andrew & Jamie Colville, 2nd

Andrew McMillan & Caius Walker, 3rd

Class 69 Instrumental Duet (Primary)

Cara McFadzean & Annie Watson, 1st

Class 66 Brass Solo (Secondary 1 - 3)

Jamie Colville, 1st

Rona Campbell, 2nd

Kyle Paterson & Andrew Colville, 3rd

Class 67 Brass Solo (Secondary 4 - 6)

Amy Paterson, 1st

Andrew McMillan, 2nd

Class 73 Instrumental Ensemble (Secondary 1 - 3)

Campbeltown Brass B, 1st

Campbeltown Brass A, 2nd

Class 74 Instrumental Ensemble (Secondary 4 - 6)

Campbeltown Brass, 2nd

Class 75 Instrumental Ensemble (Open)

Campbeltown Brass, 1st

Class 77 Junior Bands

Campbeltown Brass Juniors, Winners

Class 78 Senior Bands

Campbeltown Brass Intermediate, Winners

Class 79 Open Bands

Campbeltown Brass, Winners

Jamie Colville - Recipient of the Co-operative Membership Cup for the highest mark in Solo Brass.

Campbeltown Brass - received the Gifford Bowl for the highest mark gained by a Choir or Band.